Our Mission

At Scale Op, our mission is to be the catalyst for growth and value creation. We empower organizations to navigate change seamlessly, foster collaboration and align talent to value creation priorities. Potential exists in all places, and we take pride in our ability to drive effectiveness and optimize for best outcomes.

The Problem We Solve

Scale Op provides consulting services to help companies navigate the complex challenge of strategic growth and change in the business landscape. Navigating mergers and acquisitions can be intricate, and organizations often grapple with integrating diverse entities seamlessly. Our services provide a comprehensive solution, guiding companies through the intricacies of strategic change, aligning people efforts and capturing the synergistic opportunities.

Chad Wong-Chong

Principal & Managing Director

Chad has over a decade of experience leading organizations through complex mergers and acquisitions. His tenure spans companies in manufacturing, distribution, biotech and agriculture industries ranging in geographies from the Greater Toronto Area in Canada to the Southern State of Georgia in the US. Past work includes collaboration with reputable names in consulting including Deloitte and Slalom. 

Chad is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia (BSc).

Our Services

Explore our range of services, driving growth and success across industries. Witness how our tailored solutions meet unique business challenges.